Tailor-made offer

Development partner for exceptional natural materials, Authentic Material deploys tailor-made solutions thanks to its unique know-how and technology for the luxury market…

Fashion & Leather goods, Watches & Jewelry, Tableware & Lifestyle, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Wines & Spirits, Interior design.

The combination of materials science and high-tech processes enables Authentic Material to develop tailor-made solutions.

The technologies are applicable to all natural materials and available in 2 product ranges :

« Original » : 100% natural material with the same properties as the original
« Composite » : natural material & biopolymers to enhance its properties

The materials offered by the company such as shell, horn, wood, leather, feather and silk are recognized in the world of luxury.

The technologies deployed by Authentic Material come from metallurgy and plastics processing. These technologies are protected by patents and know-how.

Real materials laboratory, Authentic Material multiplies creations to infinity.

Style the experience at your image: a range of materials, colors, textures and shapes ...