Natural Materials

Authentic Material offers a transverse solution for all natural materials, known as minerals, and organic materials from animal or vegetal origin.
  • Vegetal: wood, flower, fruit, root…
  • Animal: leather, horn, wool, silk, cashmere…
  • Mineral: shell, mother-of-pearl, porcelain, precious stones…


Authentic Material aims at the highest naturality rate possible by adjusting the following parameters :
  • A maximum rate of discarded natural material, up to 100% for the ORIGINAL range
  • A high bio-sourced rate in polymers used for the NATURAL COMPOSITE range
  • A minim of components

Materials developed by Authentic Material are recyclable, and depending on the range, the global naturality rate is between 60% and 100%. The understanding of natural material allied to a smart selection of polymer, in accordance with the targeted application, is the cornerstone.