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Authentic Material


Fabulous composite animal from Chinese mythology with several appearances. It usually bears some resemblance to deer and horse, has a fur, scales or both, and a pair of horns or a single deer-like horn.


The QILIN is made from only two components : 40%-50% discarded material and bio-based polymer. The QILIN aims to increase properties of natural materials with a high rate of natural origin (up to 100%).

QILIN cuir noir
QILIN leather
Calandrage QILIN cuir noir
QILIN leather calandered

This recycling process allows to choose properties (density, flexibility, resistance) for demanding use cases. The QILIN material obtained, in the form of granules, is then shaped with the usual plastics processes – heat pressing, heat forming, injection, 3D printing, calendaring – for industrial volumes.


The potential for interpreting forgotten materials is inexhaustible. The quest for naturality remains from one project to another, only its intensity varies according to the functionalities. Recycled and recyclable, we recommend QILIN for components, packaging, furniture or coverings, exposed to high frequency of use.

The forms end. Materials, never. Matter is the scheme of indefinite dreams.

Gaston Bachelard