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The heart of our expertise lies in understanding the evolution of proteins during their transformation. This knowledge allows a unique ability in grinding materials, as well as in anticipating their behavior during the development of materials and shaping. Our processes are based - for example - on the control of temperature and pressure.

Aussi, nous nous imposons d’atteindre le meilleur taux de naturalité possible au sein de ces Also, we impose ourselves to achieve the best possible rate of naturalness within these materials, by adjusting the following parameters: a maximum of recycled natural material and a minimum of ingredients.


Science is at the heart of the development of Authentic Material. Anchored within an innovation ecosystem in Toulouse, we have established close relationships with the INPT (National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse) and its LCA laboratory (Laboratory of Agro-industrial Chemistry).

On our own or in collaboration, we have created strong technological bases, supported by a protection policy of our inventions and know-how. We currently manage a significant portfolio of patents, in France and abroad.
Les gammes Authentic Material

Phoenix & Qilin

At the request of the luxury market, we offer different ranges from exceptional material to technical material.