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Authentic Material

Our story

Authentic Material is the first manufacture of natural materials for luxury brands, with a research laboratory and a prototyping workshop, located in Toulouse area.

The genesis

In 2015, Vincent Menny had the idea of ​​“transferring” an aeronautical process for metallurgy to horn. It led to the recycling of this organic material for French cutlers, offering them the possibility of ensuring traceability and rationalization of horn material, in addition to new properties for industrial exploitation. Authentic Material was born.

Authentic Material applied the technology to an emblematic material of French luxuryleather – which became our main business activity. We are part of a process of creative circularity to design bespoke materials with a very strong environmental value, including designation of origin.

Since 2017, we have maintained dialogues with brands, to understand their challenges and serve all markets with the same level of requirement. From the talent of the designer to the gesture of the craftsman, luxury is based on this balance between meaning and beauty, content and form, rarity and singularity.

Corne et PHOENIX corne
Horn et PHOENIX horn
Poudre cuir et QILIN cuir
Leather powder et QILIN leather

Why ?

Because for our common future, it is essential to preserve nature by improving the management of precious materials. The ambition of Authentic Material is to deploy its solution to all luxury businesses and to offer ever more natural materials through our R&D efforts. While our materials and products are unique by nature, as are the projects assigned to us, our technology can be duplicated from one material to another, from one market to another.

How ?

We explore the potential for revaluing natural materials, in connection with resources and luxury know-how. We work WITH the unexploited natural materials of our customers for designing custom-made sustainable materials that reflects their image and intended FOR their own use. On a daily basis, we value discarded natural materials, from manufacturing by-products to overstocks.

Noémie Dumesnil et Vincent Menny
Noémie Dumesnil and Vincent Menny

For a long time, recycling was considered a technical matter with the sole purpose of saving resources.

All our work consists in demonstrating that it is an act of creation in its own right, which is no longer experienced as a constraint, but an opportunity which instils as much a virtuous dynamic as a creative dynamic.

Our projects are built with the client, pedagogically in order to federate the different teams and actors around the project.